Au naturel.

by kekiandglam8588

The namesake of this blog (AKA the bestie) emailed me yesterday morning:

Quick whinge. She started. I am SICK of logging onto Facebook only to be smashed in the face by photos of fake looking girls with that stupid pouty look on their faces. They only upload those photos so that people will comment “You look amazing.” and “You’re so beautiful.” It’s actually sick! 

Naturally I logged straight onto Facebook to check out the photos in question. I too was smashed in the face by Barbie-pink trout pouts, Oompa Loompa coloured skin, waist-length Jordan-esque extensions, and even more Jordan-esque fake breasts, all squeezed into bandage mini dresses as tight as sausage casing. And the poses. The poses! Licking each others faces, boobs wrestling boobs to be front and centre of each photo, backs arched and of course – lips pouting like they’d just tasted the most sour lemon imaginable. Wowza. Now don’t get me wrong – these are pretty, pretty girls…but it seems that they have taken dressing up, glamour and self promotion to the extremes. Although entertaining to look at I find it almost….sad?

I am all for dressing up, being girly, being glamourous, making yourself look good (emphasis on good, ladies), hell, I am even into enhancements – a hair extension here or there, a nice natural looking glow of a tan and if you must then sure, implants and fake nails too. BUT: all in moderation. NEVER all at the same time. And ONLY if you can completely avoid looking anything like Jordan, Coco or any of the cast of Jersey/Geordie Shore.

So here is my tribute to the natual look. A post of photos that IN MY OPINION sum up true, natural beauty. I hope you feel inspired….and scrub off that Oompa Loompa skin dye immediately.