Pay day.

by kekiandglam8588

Pay day can’t come soon enough! I am in desperate need of some flat or low-heeled boots that go with EVERYTHING, that I can run around in for work and play, night and day, and that can be worn with my winter wardrobe, spring dresses and summer festival get up. Here are two that I am loving – they are cute, cheap and look like they can be worn in the rain, through dusty festival fields and wherever else my adventures take me. If at the end of summer they are covered in dirt and falling apart then at least I can rest assured I didn’t spend $500 on each pair!

The black ones are a little plain so might cover them in studs or perhaps leather tassles around the ankle (DIY!!!) The camel ones I absolutely LOVE and can picture them with flowy kaftans, denim shorts, maxi skirts and a rocker tee….. Mmmm festival/summer dreaming as per usual.

Camel crochet suede-look shoe boot: $49.99 | Black wooden-heel boot: $49.99 | Both from Number One Shoes