Monday obsessions.

by kekiandglam8588


1. A very brave and gorgeous girl | 2. Are these towels? If so they put my faded blue ‘fishy’ towels that I’ve had since I was 12 to shame | 3. & 4. A couple of hair styles I am dying to try…perhaps this weekend | 5. An amazing photo from the Nat Geo website | 6. One of the places I most want to travel to – Nepal | 7. New Jeffrey Campbell | 8. Still lusting after the burgundy red Litas – especially I have the most perfect dress to put them with (will post soon) | 8. Considering this hair for summer | 9. Horses – we have been obsessed with them since a very young age and they are still an important part of our lives now | 10. Love the combination of the jewellery with the plaid, knit and parka | 11. A quote that gives me a lot of strength and belief right now | 12. Yikes! Stunner. | 13. Wild flowers are always the prettiest | 14. I’m obsessed with sharks and was thrilled to find out that there is a place here in NZ that does shark diving!! and they are based near Gisborne – where we go for New Years! (How convenient! And it’s my birthday coming up….hint, hint!)

No one likes a Monday! (Do they?) So it’s nice to drool over some inspiring pics and have a little dream session. These photos are from wanderlustings; theyallhateus; jeffrey campbell tumblr; google images; National Geographic website; my right-click-and-save files from the past two years….