Brave and Free (and busy).

by kekiandglam8588


Just a quick (hopefully inspiring) post with some beautiful pics! I am super busy at work and organising birthday surprises for the man in my life. We have just had an amazing weekend at the SNOW and I will post about that shortly.

1. Miss Bilson and her PERFECT hair. Gorgeous crisp white dress too | 2. A motto I am living by at the moment. A quick straighten of the bangs then out the door – wild curls and all! | 3. A stunning image taken in the summer evening sunset | 4. A look I would love to try for work – love the pants | 5. What I hope will also be my summer staple uniform | 6. The gorgeous Wolf and Willow wanderer | 7. Just plain beautiful | 8. Furniture that I hope will one day reside in my beachfront home | 9. I want this framed for my ‘horse wall’ along with my other whimsical horse images | 10. Brave and Free …..

…… this is an American painting that means such a lot to me. I first saw it when I arrived in America for three months, a couple of years ago. I was homesick, heartbroken and very sad but these words and the image somehow haunted me and have me some sort of strength. Brave and Free soon became the motto I lived by and to this day it reminds me of so much from that certain time in my life. During my stay in America I became very enamoured with the Native American culture and history, which was particularly strong in Iowa, where I was living at the time. Because I was working with horses at the time, the Native American way of life made a lot of sense to me and I truly admire the way they respect animals and the land and how significant these are in Native American stories, legends and myths.