Take a moment…

by kekiandglam8588

It’s been a crazy busy week and is likely to be a manic weekend as well – work, work, work! I am dreaming of distant shores, balmy summer evenings, breakfast on the front porch overlooking the ocean, perusing local markets and wearing nothing but a bikini for weeks on end…. It’s easy to get caught up and ‘lost’ in the world of work, traffic, shopping malls and general “busy-ness” but these images take me on a little journey away from all of that and make me feel content.

The Rugby World Cup starts in NZ tomorrow and it has completely taken over the whole country in every way possible. People have absolutely scorned me for saying I am not really interested in the big opening ceremony, the various teams staying here or the games themselves, but to be honest – it’s just not my thing.

“But it’s not just about rugby – it’s about all the different cultures coming into our country!” –  Yep, I know that. But tourists coming to visit our country in order to follow a rugby team around isnt reeeaaally my idea of a cultural experience. I’d rather go to the source, meet locals, experience life their way, get to know true cultural beliefs and traditions that way. 

“But the opening ceremony is just one big party – you love parties!” – Yes I do. But the party I love the most just involves good friends, good wine and food, long nights that turn into early mornings, lots of silliness, the beach, a holiday, a music festival and a cool summer vibe – not so much a pushy chaotic crowd of 100,000 people packed into the CBD to watch some fireworks and a couple of ‘pop’ artists perform their radio hits. Am I just old and grumpy? Or am I just someone who yearns for a little bit more than media hype and ‘what everyone else is doing’??

Maybe I need to get into the spirit of it all a bit more…. Or maybe I will just keep dreaming of far away places, orange sunsets, a golden tan, barefeet, hot days that turn into long nights…..

Thank goodness I’m not alone – Glam emailed me the other day and said: “Do you just want to make headbands and live on the beach in Thailand? I feel like we aren’t really cut out for owning houses, working in offices and being ‘normal’.” My thoughts exactly, I replied.

Photos: Wolf & Willow, SPell and the Gypsy, They All Hate Us, Little Navajo, We Heart It, National Geographic, Karlas Closet