The Surf Lodge.

by kekiandglam8588

So, just as I was reading about (and falling in love with) Ruschmeyer’s I discovered The Surf Lodge, another King & Grove Hotel. Now this, this I have no words for. The Surf Lodge is a combination of all of my dreams come true crossed with what I want my future house to look/be like. It is a place where I envision my friends and I spending a loooong hot summer, sipping mojitos in between cruising along the waterfront on vintage bicycles and surfing. It looks like the sort of place you could go back to every single summer and never get sick of it. Absolute bliss….. now if only it wasn’t 6000 miles away…..

This to me is absolute perfection, and having looked at other photo’s of Montauk it looks like just the sort of place I would love to spend my time! Why don’t we have somewhere like this in NZ to hang out all summer? There is such a great niche here for this sort of boutique beach accommodation. Sigh.

I honestly WISH that one day I will live in a house that is a replica of this, or at the very least visit this place every single year until I am only and wrinkly and can only manage sitting on the balcony sipping G&T’s all day….