Morning light.

by kekiandglam8588


Some quick pics snapped on the way out the door. Such a beautiful morning on the East Coast (of Auckland that is!) and I could have happily spent the day pottering in the sun. BUT it is finally the weekend – and a long one at that! It will be spent chilling out in the sun, camping, getting amongst the festival atmosphere that is presently Auckland, seeing friends, taking photos … oh, and the dentist! Ok, that’s not so nice but my dentist is the sweetest, most adorable wee girl who chats about shopping whilst she drills and picks and fills, so it’s not so bad PLUS I am finally getting veneers on my baby teeth (yes I still have three of them….) so I will look slightly more normal. (Only slightly…)

Wearing: green dress – Kmart (word of warning: IMPOSSIBLE to keep crinkle-free!); shirt – old; shoes – thrifted Dorothy Perkins; necklace – Equip; rings – YSL, Stolen Girlfriends Club and mum’s eternity ring. Yes the rings on my fingers are worth approximately 10 times more (at least) than my entire outfit. Splurge on some things, save on others I say!