Out with the old….

by kekiandglam8588

Watch this space.

I am currently undergoing a little ‘lifestyle overhaul’ in terms of my wardrobe and the way I dress. As of late I have read far too many articles about New Zealanders being known for their scruffy aesthetic and an abundance of black or dark clothing – so much so in fact that our capital city has been described as a “giant funeral procession”. Now, whether you agree with that or not, I have decided to inject my wardrobe – and my life – with colour and “pretty things”.

I am really tapping into my girly side and – surprise, surprise – I really, really love it! After taking stock of my current wardrobe I discovered that most of my clothes lend themselves to the preppy, cute, girly look I am trying to achieve.  I have “researched” my favourite looks on other blogs, namely The Glamourai, Atlantic-Pacific, Late Afternoon and Karla’s Closet, and have spent the entire week wearing cute earrings, brights, floral prints, girly heels and pretty hairstyles.

I have updated the blog to reflect my new “look”. It is now cleaner, crisper and more classic. I hope you like it! Outfit photos are in progress and will posted here shortly, until then enjoy these gorgeous images!