Work in progress.

by kekiandglam8588

How insanely amazing is this hair…???

I’m going to try to emulate this look tonight when I head out with the fam!

Just a couple of my most favourite images from my now HUGE inspiration folder (I’m going to need a new USB stick soon!) Hope you love these as much as I do. I particularly love the last four images and have used a couple of them on the blog before….I just love the bright colours, the little details like the neon nail polish and the combination of whites and brights.

This week…..

* Trying to take and edit as many outfit photos as possible, which tends to be hard when I go to the gym or cycling after work every day! No one wants to see me in my gym gear – trust me!

* Starting to think about what to pack/wear on my “tropical” holiday in a couple of weeks time (also what I would like to buy whilst on said holiday)

* Hemming and altering vintage dresses for a Keki and Glam project I am working on

* Attending an awards ceremony for my sister who won the Dean’s Award of Excellence at her University! Well done Baxter!!!

* Thinking about how to cut and/or colour my hair – it’s taken me SO long to grow so I doubt I will cut it (although would love a pixie crop like Karla Deras) but I definitely want to colour it! Let me know your thoughts/ideas/suggestions!

* Keeping active, inspired, healthy and happy! And I hope you all are too!