Inspiration = Motivation!

by kekiandglam8588

{ A beautiful smile and a gorgeous bouncy bob }

{ After such a beautiful week away with my boyfriend, I think this would sum things up nicely }

{ I have basically been doing just this for the past seven days …. and I will be dreaming about it until the next time }

{ The next holiday I take will be at New Years with my best friends … in a caravan! }

{ On a side note … I LOVE that blonde ombre long-bob on the left }

{ Polished, pretty, feminine perfection }

{ Possibly the perfect way to store/stack/showcase your jewellery collection }

{ Well, I’m definitely happy! Now time to get back into my exercise! }

{ What better way to sum up the most perfect of holidays }

{ I am always inspired by beautiful, unique, eclectic interiors }

{ From her hair to her beautiful lace dress and simple, strappy stilettos – Hannelli does it best }

{ I find the underwater world alluring, peaceful and mysterious and would love to incorporate it into my home one day }

{ Simple summer glamour }

I don’t know about you, but I need inspiration to get motivated. No inspiration = I might as well stay in bed and sleep all day. Thankfully there are plenty of things in this world, and in my life, that inspire me constantly. Day in, day out I never cease to be inspired by something or someone. It might be as simple as watching the sun come up while I’m drinking a big mug of freshly brewed coffee, or it might be stumbling upon a beautiful new blog and taking in the fresh new words and images of someone else’s life.

After taking a 7-day break from reality I really need something to snap me back into work mode and get me motivated and back on track with the goals I was chasing before I went on vacation. Thankfully I have tonnes upon tonnes of images stored away on various USB sticks and in files on my computer, all labeled “Inspiration”. When I am lacking motivation and inspiration I just flick through my files and let my imagination and ideas run wild!

I have some very exciting things going on right now and a little inspiration is all I needed to get my motivation back and hit the ground running!

{ P.S Yes I took loads of photos on my holiday so I will post a little ‘photo diary’ here soon! Also keep watching this space…Keki & Glam Vintage is back in progress and I should have some news for you very soon! }

Photo credits: They All Hate Us, We Heart It, Sterling Style, Apartment Therapy, various others I cannot recall – sorry!