The long and the short {and the very short and the red and the blonde and the ombre} of it.

by kekiandglam8588

{ The ombre }

{ The colour I love the most }

{ The red }

{ The long bob }

{ The ombre bob }

{ The curly bob }

{ The best bob }

{ The short }

{ The very short }

{ The outrageous! }

Changing my hair is a decision that is forever hanging over my head (no pun intended). It’s been 18 months since I had a hair cut. After cutting my hair off (similar to the fourth image from the bottom) I vowed never to cut it again and have since let it grow. Now I have reached a length where, yes, it is fun to curl it, straighten it, braid it and tie it up in a cute pony but I think I am ready for a change! Now I need to decide in which way to change it …. will I dye it? Lighten it? Layer it? Bob it? Or chop it all off again….?

My current favourite styles are some of the ones above. I especially love Miranda Kerr’s lightened locks in the photo above and the bob on the girl wearing the star-shaped sunglasses.

Decisions, decisions….. Having changed my hair multiple times throughout my life so far, here are some of my tips for taking on a new do:

* Take pictures of hair cuts and colours with you to the hairdresser, they always appreciate seeing exactly what it is you have in your mind. Just remember your hairdresser can change your hair but they cannot change your face, your body or your overall ‘look’. Expect to walk out with a new hair cut or colour, but not as an entirely new person! (i.e. that hair colour is not going to make me look like Miranda …. dammit!)

* Work out what your face shape is and choose a cut to suit it. Some people suit long hair, some suit short and some suit both.

* Your skin tone plays a big part in which hair colour/s you suit. If you have dark features you may find darker hair colours suit you best. Fair skin may suit lighter tones.

* Don’t act on impulse. Think through your decision if it’s a big one. There’s no point rushing into a new style only to cry all the way home from the salon because you want your ‘old hair’ back.

* Look back through old photographs of yourself – was there a particular cut or colour that suited you best or that you liked the most? Perhaps try it again – or a variation of it.

* Get your hairdressers opinion. They know hair better than anyone and will have a good idea of what might suit you.

* Above all – do what you want! It’s your hair! Styling it in a new and unique way is a great way to let your personality shine through – not to mention it is often a great confidence boost! So go on – shave one side off or dye it pink if that’s what you really want! Don’t let anyone stop you.

Which styles and colours do you like best?