Inspired by BRIGHTS!

by kekiandglam8588

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that H&M is one of the biggest chain stores in the world with some of the most on-trend and affordable fashion available. With it’s uber-cheap pricing (currently they have dresses on sale for £3.99!!) and looks inspired by the catwalk, H&M is an irresistible shopping haven whether you are browsing online or in ‘real life’. Unfortunately H&M does not ship to New Zealand, so unless you have a kind relative in the UK, USA or Asia who will let you ship your goods to their address and forward them on to you, then you are sadly out of luck. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t peruse the latest looks – including the recent H&M collaboration with none other than Versace! Feast your eyes on these goodies:

H&M Spring 2012 Collection {all prices in US Dollars}

{Blouse $35, Shorts $40}

{Blazer $60, Skirt $50}

{Dress $60, Wedges $70}

{Dress $60, Sunglasses $13}

{Top $25, Leather Vest $199, Skirt $99}

And a few of my faves from the H&M + Versace collaboration {all prices in Great British Pounds}:

{Dress £69.99} {Very Versace but imagine it with tanned limbs, gold cuffs and simple black strappy stilettos…..}

{Dress £79.99}

{Skirt £39.99} {Now if that doesn’t brighten up a day in the office, I don’t know what will!}

{Dress £79.99}

According to the LA Times, fights broke out amongst people waiting in line for H&M to open on the first day the Versace collection hit the racks! I don’t know what’s more shocking – that, or the fact that the people fighting were “professional place holders” who are paid to wait in line for those who do not want to themselves!!

If you’re after that citrus-y, bright look a little closer to home why not try Wild Pair {I couldn’t copy and paste the images but try} or Glassons {all prices in NZ$}:

{Dress $59.99}

{Blazer $49.99}

{Sweater $49.99}

{Skirt $29.99}

Glassons has free shipping with New Zealand, and Australia too!

Keep an eye out for Keki and Glam Vintage as well – we have tonnes of beautiful vintage coming your way, including lots of bright colours and amazing prints – coming soon!!