Monday musings…

by kekiandglam8588

{Some beautiful interiors. I especially love the first one and think it would be totally do-able, even on my limited budget}

{Outfits and images that have my heart skipping a beat! The second one down is TO DIE FOR!!!}

{I am IN LOVE with the four looks below. I would wear the first two outfits for work and the second two for evenings out. The pink suit? I’d sell my soul!}

{Two amazing hairstyles!}

{And how could I resist. I am a Twi-hard through and through. I may not be in the correct age demographic for it but vampires and werewolves are the new black! Bella’s wedding dress was absolutely phenomenal and sure to be replicated a thousand times by brides all over the world! I tried to find pics but there is nothing online yet so for now I give you this!}