Chocolate and cream.

by kekiandglam8588


Feeling a little uninspired by my outfits of late – I think I could be trying harder! Rushing around in the mornings before work is no way to start the day, so I’m going to start planning my outfits the night before.

Here in NZ we {the general population} have a very laid back approach to dressing. It’s not uncommon to see people at the mall in bare feet or at a cafe wearing track pants and a dirty tee shirt…and that’s not my idea of fun at all. I LOVE dressing up and am a big believer that looking good on the outside keeps you feeling good on the inside.

For me it’s not about spending big bucks and wearing lots of ‘names’ {although that would be lovely…} it’s about pulling together outfit that lets your personality and confidence shine through. I would feel crappy if I trudged out the door in trackies and a baggy tee…but that’s just me!

SO, time to step up my game and make more of an effort I think. There’s nothing wrong with trying a little harder and now is the perfect time – as we go into summer and the temptation rises to just race out the door in denim cut-offs and a singlet.


Having said all of the above I must add that I absolutely love these brown, silky pants that my boyfriend bought me yesterday. They are perfect either dressed up with heels or worn slouchy with cute flats and a lace tee.

Wearing: pants – Glassons; dress {worn as a top} – Tempt; heels – Kmart; sunglasses – Sunglass Hut; necklace – H&M online.