A place for everything….

by kekiandglam8588

….. And everything in its place!

I am forever inspired by the chic, organised, yet homely interiors of some of my favourite bloggers {and other inspiring ladies}. I am currently in the process of finding space for all of my treasures in my boyfriend’s house and am gathering creative ideas from as many different avenues as possible, so that we end up with an inspirational little place of our own!

I don’t want to take over the place with lots of girly things so I am trying to come up with ways to ensure there is a manly accent throughout the house as well. Here are some interiors I am currently inspired by in a big way:

We don’t have a fireplace/mantel but I love the idea of white jars and vases with sweet wild flowers.

My shoes currently line the floor next to my side of the bed – with some bright artwork and framed photos behind them they would look more like a display.

Even cupboards filled with glassware can make for an eye-catching display.

LOVE this idea. It makes an interesting change from the traditional TV cabinet and definitely adds a manly {and beachy} touch to the living room.

An innovative, rustic way to display jewellery.

Why hide a sparkly dress and a gorgeous evening bag? These pieces deserve to be on show!

A neat little nook for accessories – and a variety of ways of displaying them.

A perfectly organised wardrobe to be envious of…

Start an indoor garden! Succulents are a great way of adding life {and a pop of colour} to an otherwise empty space.

Still lusting after a gallery wall of photos, images and mismatching frames.

Book shelves don’t just have to be for books. Add vases of flowers, displays of jewellery and various other bric-a-brack to keep things interesting.

One of my style icons – Beth Jones of B. Jones Style – pins up an inspiration board in her closet and changes it around according to the season. Having bucket loads of inspiration and outfit ideas close at hand would make getting dressed so much easier!

Another innovative way of displaying/storing jewellery…

Cream, gold and sparkly accents. I love big church candles and would love to have them all over the house – the more wax that drips from them the better!

Rings, earrings and other small pieces of jewellery look pretty in a ceramic dish or bowl.

So that’s what inspires me – now, do tell, what interiors and decorating ideas inspire you?

Photo credits: The Glitter Guide, B. Jones Style {both of which I highly recommend!!}