Blog Crushin’ {Sweet Harlow}

by kekiandglam8588

I am very proud to introduce to you …. Anna from Sweet Harlow!

Who is Anna? I write a fashion blog about the trials and tribulations of my life and living abroad in Hong Kong. I’m 23 and when I’m not working I’m shopping, blogging, eating or spending time with the boy. On a day-to-day basis my life isn’t compete without coffee (in particular a two-shot latte), rings on practically every finger, photography {usually with the help of my iPhone 4}, fashion magazines, my laptop and lipstick.

Where do you live? I am originally from little old New Zealand but am currently living in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. It’s been a year so far and I’m loving the fashion, culture, uniqueness and being able to travel all around Asia at the drop of a hat. I’m moving back to NZ in Jan 2012 – after over a year living abroad.

What do you do? In my spare time (or lack thereof) I run my own business – ‘Sweet Harlow’ – an online fashion boutique showcasing all the darling things I find in this part of the world. Soon I will have my own website up and running, but currently I sell from my Facebook page {} and occasionally on my fashion blog, Sweet Harlow {}, that I am obsessed with at the moment. Everyday I am so inspired by different people and places, and dream of being able to afford all the beautiful things I see while flicking through the latest Vogue or Elle magazine.

What was the idea behind Sweet Harlow? For so long now I have wanted to share my love for fashion with the rest of the world and start up my own boutique – not only for girls but guys too. I came up with the name Sweet Harlow because I wanted to show the sweet/cute side of my collection but also the grungy/dark elements of my brand – and to be honest it’s really hard to find a name that no one else has taken! Everything in the collection has been personally sought out by me alone and I love every piece. I wanted to give every girl out there the chance to own items they can only dream about in magazines or high-end stores, but for a reasonable price and at their convenience. I am always seeking out fashion forward items to be one step ahead of the trend.

Who is the ultimate ‘Sweet Harlow’ girl? The ultimate Sweet Harlow girl is chic yet edgy. She is very on trend and keeps up with the latest styles. She is not afraid to take risks and is comfortable in her own skin. I sell clothing that the average girl can wear – not just a “size 0” off the runway. You don’t have to break the bank either – all my items are easily affordable, and lay-by is available.

What are you wardrobe essentials for the New Zealand summer? There are so many trends right now, but the wardrobe essentials that I cannot live without are: 1. A beautiful flowing maxi {preferably a bold print or colour}. I love a sheer, long maxi. 2. A teeny weeny hot bikini! Check out the 2011 – 2012 collection by Diane von Furstenberg, I love it! 3. A collection of neon/bright nail polishes. Hot nails are the accessory for any occasion. 4. A cute little sun-dress. Go nautical or citrus. They are so easy to wear and come in so many styles. 5. Denim shorts. I don’t have to say much as these babies can be worn with anything, day or night! 6. A pair of the highest wedges possible. They can be worn on a summer’s day without looking over the top or too dressy {check out the Sweet Harlow collection} 7. Boho hat. So chic, it adds beauty to any outfit and is great for the harsh NZ sun too!

And for the Hong Kong winter? 1. Like most places, Aztec prints are very on trend right now. I’m seeing it everywhere! From tops and dresses to bags and jewellery, every shop is stocking at least a little bit of the Aztec vibe and I love it. 2. Boho hat. Not only for protecting yourself from the sun! It’s great in a winter fabric, added to a cute outfit. 3. The cape. Raid your mum’s wardrobe because these are back! So cute and cozy, chuck it over anything! 4. Bold, showy necklaces. A statement piece for even the plainest of outfits, especially when you’re so covered up from the cold 5. Leather pants. Yeah they do look better if you’re a size 2, but hey rock them anyway! 6. Fur coat. Hong Kong is all about being ‘on show’ and a fur coat certainly does this. It looks fab too – just make sure it’s faux!

What is your ‘must have’ item from the Sweet Harlow collection? Without a doubt my ‘must have’ shoe is the Buckle Up Colorblock Wedge Pumps in pink and orange. The Sugar Skull body bag is a ‘must have’ accessory, and the Leopard Chiffon Shorts are my favourite from the clothing collection.

Describe your personal style: I guess you could put me in the grunge-chic category. My wardrobe is overflowing with black! I love studs, Guns and Roses tee’s, leopard print and an overkill of jewellery, whilst still looking chic. At the moment though, I must say, I’m loving colour! I think it’s time I add a little brightness to my life seeing as I’m drawn to it in every store I go into.

Who are your style icons and why? I’m obsessed with the Olsen twins. They don’t care what people say about their style and stick to what they want to wear. They are known for their granny-chic, layered aesthetic and always manage to keep us guessing. I admire their fashion-risk-taking, their eclectic know-how, and the way they put together pieces in each different ensemble. That’s how they have quickly become two of the most influential, and strong, style icons of today. I love the way they go from boho/hippies to 90’s grunge at the drop of a hat. And lets face it – every girl would LOVE to raid their wardrobes!

Thanks so much for your time Anna! We wish you all the best with Sweet Harlow! Xx 

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