Keki and Glam

Month: December, 2011

White {dress} Christmas

A couple of snapshots from our Christmas Eve dinner at home with the family. I have been dying to wear this pretty white dress, since buying it in Australia when Neil and I holidayed there last month. It is a lovely crisp white, with different beads adorning the bodice in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

I’m wearing: “lolly” dress – Shareen via Mombasa Rose {Australia}; sandals – Kmart; rings YSL, Stolen Girlfriends Club; bracelets – Pandora, Nepal.  

Emma is wearing: crochet dress – Glassons; belt Glassons; earrings – Bling; rings – Stolen Girlfriends Club, Equip; pink hair colour – Kevin Murphy Colour Bug {try it!!!} 

In other news, I decided to change up my hair a little for summer and all the music festivals, etc. I didn’t want to cut it as have been growing it for two years now and love the length it is now and I didn’t want to colour it as it is going all sorts of lovely tones in the sun SO I shaved one side of it! I saw a music video on TV the other night {someone called Cher Lloyd} and just loved her hair, so I decided to do it to mine! The good thing is if I get sick of it, I can just flip my hair back over that side.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years everyone, and a safe and happy holiday! Xx



The Green Wall.

Found this cute wee pozzy to take outfit pics in … think I might even use it as a backdrop when I {finally} get around to doing my Keki and Glam Vintage photos. It was an overcast drizzly day so the lighting wasn’t great, plus we were using the original camera lens, which upon seeing these pics I have realised is nowhere near as good as the bigger lens.

Another drizzly day today which is really hampering my outfit plans for this evening! Fingers crossed the sun comes out again soon….

Wearing: hat – Rubi @ Cotton On; playsuit – Cotton On; wedges – Wild Pair {old}; belt – vintage; rings – YSL, Primark {UK}. 



Just playing around with some outfits and the tripod/self-timer. Posing for self-timed photos is something I’ll never get used to, plus I have a feeling the neighbours could see me through the window! Oops! Anyhoo…I have been wanting to wear this capey thing for ages {it’s very Stevie Nicks don’t you think?} and with the music festival season upon us I am certain there will be a gig or two where I can incorporate it into my outfit. The skirt is way too short on my stumpy legs, especially with the Lita’s so I probably wouldn’t wear it out, but IF I did this is what I would put with it! It’s fun to play dress ups when the boyfriend isn’t home!

Wearing: lace top – Cotton On {I think}; capey thing – vintage; skirt – Bronze Snake {Melbourne}; heels – JC Litas. 

Keki and Glam {Reunited}

Our first time seeing each other in pretty much 9 months {other than a brief 2-day visit I took to Melbourne} so be warned… this is a MEGA post!!! And there will be many more over the next 2 weeks while Glam is here!!!!

I’m wearing: navy blue blazer – vintage; green dress – Kmart; chunky heels – Glassons; belt – vintage; embroidered handbag – vintage; new pocket-watch necklace from Glam!

Sorry I am not sure of the brands or where Zana got her outfit but isn’t it gorgeous?! I do know that the clutch is from Thailand and the shoes are Tony Bianco. I especially love the rope necklace!

We can’t wait to do heaps more blog photo shoots and posts together {starting tonight probably}! We even have plans for a little boho photo shoot in Neil’s caravan {geeks!} It’s SO good to have Zana back here for the next couple of weeks. Driving to her house yesterday it felt as though she’d barely been away a week! In actual fact it has been a long 9 months. The sun is finally out and we will be making the most of our time together. So much fun having my bestie back in town. Love her! Xx

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Liebster Blog Award Nomination

I am absolutely blown away to have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! I was nominated by the lovely ladies over at The Image Mistress blog. I have received some of the most lovely comments from The Image Mistress and just feel so overwhelmed by the lovely words – and now, the nomination! It really is just amazing to know that people are reading and enjoying the blog, as I absolutely love putting this blog together and working on it. This is huge encouragement and motivation for me to keep going! So a HUGE thank you must go out to The Image Mistress – I cannot thank you enough! Xx

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning: sweetest, kindest, nicest,dearest, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

The rules for the Liebster Blog Award are:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
4. Reveal your 5 blog picks.
5. Let them know you choose them by leaving a comment on their blog.

So now it is my turn to select just FIVE up and coming bloggers to nominate for the award! It really was a tough choice, but here they are:

1. Sweet Harlow – – Anna is an stylish young lady with BIG plans that she is working hard to achieve. She runs an online store called Sweet Harlow which stocks pieces to die for. The Sweet Harlow blog chronicles Anna’s life racing around the big city of Hong Kong in her Louboutins and stylish outfits. Love her!

2. iLook Street Style – – Beautiful street style images. Need I say more? There is a lot of potential for this lovely blog – keep up the great work.

3. Love Niki – – Niki is so gorgeous. She blogs about meaningful topics such as love and how to survive at college, in between book reviews, fashion posts and outfit posts of her lovely self. Her writing is very inspiring!

4.  Gold Coast Chic – – This blog is literally BRAND NEW! So I am very happy to have stumbled upon it. Love imagery and posts, can’t wait to read more!

5. The Image Mistress – – A blog full of style, fashion and best of all – tips to make you look better and feel better in what you are wearing! I love this blog and all of the great advice! This is a daily read for me, for sure!

So there are my 5 nominations! Five great blogs to check out and keep reading. Each one is totally different from the other and provides its own inspiration and take on all things fashion and style. Thanks once again to The Image Mistress you have honestly made my day, my week, my end-of-the-year! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support and encouragement!

Keki & Glam Xx

P.S – Check out the absolutely LOVELY comments about Keki & Glam on The Image Mistress blog right here! Xx

Soul Sisters.

Here is my beautiful sister Emma {a.k.a my soul mate} and I out for a drink on Friday night. I hadn’t seen her all week! That’s far too long in our books. Emma is just so stunning don’t you think! She reminds me of Angelica Blick {here}.

Emma is wearing: blazer – Dotti; tee – not sure of brand but it’s from Amazon surf shop; cut-offs – vintage Levis; belt – vintage; bag – Glassons; heels – Tony Bianco.

I’m wearing: hat – Rubi @ Cotton On; shirt – Cotton On mens; belt – Glassons; jeans – Urban Renewal @ Wild Pair; shoes – Rubi @ Cotton On; bag – Overland Shoes.

I love it how we both look totally different in our style – almost as if we are from different eras! My outfit rings of 70’s bohemian vibes and Emma’s is very modern with a slight twist of 90’s grunge glamour.

We met up for a quick drink in between running Christmas errands on Friday night, and crashed our mum’s work Christmas party! She got such a surprise when we both turned up! Luckily the weather had cleared and we were able to sip some bubbles outside under the Christmas lights. It was a lovely, albeit brief, catch up.

Hope everyone is having a great pre-Christmas week!! Xx

Please go now.

I’m talking about the rain….

Wearing: beanie – boyfriends; necklace – unknown; dress – Ally X {Australia}; pleather shearling jacket – gift from sister; zipper leggings – Express {USA}; wedge boots – Windsor Smith {Australia}; ring – YSL. 

I dragged poor Neil out to take these photos IN THE RAIN and sure enough as soon as we came inside …. it stopped!! Typical….

Anyway, I have had to forage around in the depths of my winter wardrobe and try to find some outfits that will combat this unseasonably cold, wet weather we are having! I am really running out of options, but at least all this rain gave me the chance to wear my “rain boots” again. I bought these puppies in Melbourne at the start of winter and boy, oh boy, have they been worth their weight in gold! Until I saw these gorgeous lace up, buckle up black wedge boots I really didn’t like the idea of combining a wedge and a boot, but they sure have converted me.

Excuse my facial expressions – how can I possibly smile when it’s this wet in December, a week before Christmas?! Xx

Also, I just want to take this moment to say how thrilled I am that people are reading and enjoying the blog. Some of the comments I have received have just blown me away! It is all so encouraging and I am very motivated to keep on with my blogging because of it. So thank you everyone – for reading, liking, commenting and clicking, it means the world to me!

Pure inspiration

{Summer-y goodness} Particularly love the outfit on the girl holding the camera. That’s in my ‘festival outfit inspiration’ bank for sure!


{Leather pants} Just love them.

{Four beautiful faces} And I love Kate Bosworth’s makeup – so fresh and dewy. Perfect for summer!

{Inspirational quotes keeping me motivated!}

{Interiors I am craving}

{Carrie Bradshaw} Red dress, great hair, Macdonalds. ‘Nuff said.

The weather is……ABOMINABLE {now that’s a word ya don’t hear everyday}!!! It truly is awful and we are meant to be part way through a glorious summer. Christmas is a week away,  New Years Eve and three days of Rhythm and Vines festival goodness is two weeks away and we have rain, rain and more rain set in for the next 7 days. To stop me from going insane I have been trawling through pretty pics in my spare time and gathering inspiration from wherever I can! {I should actually be Christmas shopping and making presents…oops}!! I haven’t even been able to get outside and take outfit pics – the weather is just too horrible.

Hope you get a smile or two out of this mega post! Until next time…… Xx

Poncho fashion.

Festival dressing is way out of my comfort zone. I either end up feeling like I look scruffy or as if I am headed to the beach {although usually that’s ok because it is SUMMER anyway….}! Considering last night’s Foo Fighters concert was held in cold, grey weather complete with driving rain and muddy ground I was pretty happy with the overall look of my “rainy-weather-concert-going” outfit!

Wearing: fedora – Quiksilver {men’s department}; Nirvana tee – vintage; parka – Volcom; shorts – Temt; stockings – Glassons; booties – Rubi Shoes {at Cotton On}; bag – thrifted

Sadly, I was only able to wear this for the first half hour of the gig. Then the rain really set in….. so my friends and I added these gorgeous accessories to our concert attire:

So this is {L-R} Kirsty, me and Lisa in our wet weather get up at the Foo Fighters concert in what is supposed to be our New Zealand summer! I guess the moral of this story is: like a good girl scout – always be prepared! We had a FAB time despite the drizzle and best of all, we didn’t get wet!

And I know you are just dying to find out where you can buy summer’s latest accessory! Poncho {available in clear, blue or black} – $2 Shop !!!