…. only girl in the worrrrrld!

by kekiandglam8588

Sometimes it’s good to just let your hair down {or tie it high up on your head!!!} and run through the fields!!!

One of my dearest friends is visiting so we put together this fun little photo shoot in the field at my parents house! It’s a stressful time at the moment with lots of work and other things on, so this was some great light relief. Lately I have felt as if I have hit the style equivalent of a ‘brick wall’ so to speak….but wearing this outfit to work today helped me remember: this is all meant to be fun!!!! Clashing prints! Bright colours! Highest of heels! Lots of jewels!

Thanks so much Denise for your awesome photography – so hard to choose which ones to post {hence the huge blog entry}. Now everyone….. go forth and have fun with fashion and create your own unique style! {And spin around singing ‘Only girl in the world’ by Rhianna!}