Pure inspiration

by kekiandglam8588

{Summer-y goodness} Particularly love the outfit on the girl holding the camera. That’s in my ‘festival outfit inspiration’ bank for sure!


{Leather pants} Just love them.

{Four beautiful faces} And I love Kate Bosworth’s makeup – so fresh and dewy. Perfect for summer!

{Inspirational quotes keeping me motivated!}

{Interiors I am craving}

{Carrie Bradshaw} Red dress, great hair, Macdonalds. ‘Nuff said.

The weather is……ABOMINABLE {now that’s a word ya don’t hear everyday}!!! It truly is awful and we are meant to be part way through a glorious summer. Christmas is a week away,  New Years Eve and three days of Rhythm and Vines festival goodness is two weeks away and we have rain, rain and more rain set in for the next 7 days. To stop me from going insane I have been trawling through pretty pics in my spare time and gathering inspiration from wherever I can! {I should actually be Christmas shopping and making presents…oops}!! I haven’t even been able to get outside and take outfit pics – the weather is just too horrible.

Hope you get a smile or two out of this mega post! Until next time…… Xx