Keki and Glam {Reunited}

by kekiandglam8588

Our first time seeing each other in pretty much 9 months {other than a brief 2-day visit I took to Melbourne} so be warned… this is a MEGA post!!! And there will be many more over the next 2 weeks while Glam is here!!!!

I’m wearing: navy blue blazer – vintage; green dress – Kmart; chunky heels – Glassons; belt – vintage; embroidered handbag – vintage; new pocket-watch necklace from Glam!

Sorry I am not sure of the brands or where Zana got her outfit but isn’t it gorgeous?! I do know that the clutch is from Thailand and the shoes are Tony Bianco. I especially love the rope necklace!

We can’t wait to do heaps more blog photo shoots and posts together {starting tonight probably}! We even have plans for a little boho photo shoot in Neil’s caravan {geeks!} It’s SO good to have Zana back here for the next couple of weeks. Driving to her house yesterday it felt as though she’d barely been away a week! In actual fact it has been a long 9 months. The sun is finally out and we will be making the most of our time together. So much fun having my bestie back in town. Love her! Xx