Fashion Inspiration {Work Wear}

by kekiandglam8588

When it comes to work wear, I have two ideas in mind for this year.

1) Pre-plan my daily outfits. This involves selecting an entire outfit – from blazer to shoes to accessories – every night and hanging it on the closet door, ready to go the next morning. This will eliminate the panic and pressure of “not having anything to wear” ten minutes before I rush out the door to work.

2) Create new outfits from what I already have in my wardrobe. In my closet I have at least six blazers of all different colours, a number of sweet blouses and crisp shirts,  about three pairs of gorgeous neutral toned dress pants and a tonne of accessories to brighten up any work outfit, SO I simply need to go through everything and actually put together outfits as I go. This way, when I open my closet to select an outfit for work {the night before work of course} I will be able to automatically visualize what goes with what and how I will wear various items.

I’m certain that these two very simple ideas will make a big difference to work mornings when I am trying to make lunches, check emails, work on the blog, get chores done and get myself ready – all at the same time. Plus, I kind of like the idea of pre-styling my daily outfits. How much more fun is it to put together an outfit with accessories, shoes, bag, the whole works – when you’re not stressed, rushed, panicking or frustrated because things are still in the washing machine, etc?!

The above outfits are what I am basing my 2012 work wardrobe on, along with this insanely awesome catalog over at J.Crew. I’m thinking crisp, minimalist lines mixed with bright colours, classic heels, polka dots and florals, a chic bag, cute flats {my back needs a break from heels this year}, cropped coloured pants, relaxed ladylike glamour and overall just a chic, classic look with a twist.

I will keep you posted with outfit pics once I have got the ‘new look’ ball rolling!