Fashion Inspiration {In With The….Old}

by kekiandglam8588

Vintage polka dot dress, red lips by NYC Colours, hair band from Equip

Supre blazer, vintage Nirvana tee, necklace from Equip, fuschia lips by NYC Colours

Question: Are you ever inspired by your ‘old’ looks? The way you dressed 6 months or a year ago? The hairstyles you tried or the makeup you wore? I am!

These photos, taken about 6 months ago in our winter, have re-inspired me to have a pretty hairstyle {and dye it darker}, put together new {girly} outfits, dig out my favourite vintage items and …. wear lipstick! It looks like I made a wee bit more effort over the winter months, and I have slacked off as of late so it’s time to reinstate putting effort in and looking pretty! Amen!

Glassons tights, Cotton On skirt, vintage white shirt, Evil Twin black/white dress as top, Supre blazer …. and CRIMPED hair {yes, I used ancient crimpers!}

On a funny note: I wimped out of wearing the above black/white outfit after one too many funny looks so I went and got changed. Major fashion faux pas {unless you are presenting an awards show} I know, but I was at my boyfriend’s house so it seemed excusable at the time. What I should have done though? Just stuck with that outfit, not cared what anyone thought and owned that look! Note to self: reassemble this ensemble, pronto!