A Little Reminder

by kekiandglam8588

A little note to keep us all in check! I am always thinking “I’ll just do that tomorrow” and this is just a good reminder not to wait, but to actually DO!!

An update on this week….

* Went for a beach walk to get some fresh air after work on Monday. Because of the stormy weather it turned into more of an adventure than a casual stroll! {Photos to follow}

* Last night I cooked dinner for mum, dad and Neil. My new favourite dish – homemade fish burgers, with fries, aioli and sweet chilli mayo, you guessed it – also all homemade!

* Tonight I am meeting Lisa for a mid-week coffee date

* Tomorrow I am going to commit some time to the blog and my freelance work

* Friday I am staying in the city with Neil at my favourite hotel, going out for a delish dinner somewhere and possibly meeting up with one of my best friends who has been away almost a year

* Saturday will be a lazy morning at the hotel including a scrumptious breakfast, possibly some work in the afternoon then getting “my” {borrowed} horse ready for a show we are competing in on Sunday

* Sunday = show time! It’s been 12 years or more since I competed in a horse show so this is going to be interesting to say the least….!

Keep an eye out for outfit posts coming your way shortly! I know I have been slack but I am just slowly easing back into my routines and schedules and an outfit post (or 2….or 3!) are definitely on the menu, don’t you worry!