Daily Outfit {Minnie Mouse’s Daughter}

by kekiandglam8588

Wearing: striped dress (as top) – Supre; polka dot skirt – vintage; denim shirt – Farmers boys section; platform pumps – Number One Shoes; bow – Accessorize (UK)

When I was a little girl, my parents took me to Disney World, and Minnie Mouse ran away with me in my pram. Luckily, she was unsuccessful at stealing me however I can’t help thinking that if she had managed to take me for herself, I might have ended up something like this!

I love getting into the spirit of a good ‘dress up’ and when I wear this outfit I feel as though I am in costume a little bit and I love it! Tell me, how do you love to dress up? If I could go back and select just one style genre to stick to for the rest of my life, I would choose something along the lines of vintage/retro rockabilly – tattoos, bright lips, a big bow in my hair and lots of checkered prints and red and black and pink polka dots. Oh, and don’t forget the 1968 (?) Mustang – turquoise with cream leather interior.

The 365 Fashion Challenge update:

You may recognize the items in this outfit – yes, I have worn each and every one of them many times before in different ways! In fact this skirt alone has featured on the blog no less than three times already! To keep the challenge exciting I have decided to add another rule:

No more than two items from any one outfit can be worn together in another outfit in the same week.

Make sense? So for instance in the outfit above, I might be able to wear the denim shirt and the red/white striped dress again this week in another outfit, but not the denim shirt, red striped dress and polka dot skirt all together with say, a different pair of shoes and a jacket. I think I should also make it that I cannot wear an item of clothing more than twice – even something like this denim shirt which I could probably wear every day with some different if I really had to!

By sticking to this rule,  I will be challenging my styling capabilities and not just falling back onto my tried and true outfits. This is supposed to be a challenge after all! I really want to maximize the huge amount of options in my wardrobe and try to wear everything, in all different ways! One friend suggested I have to wear everything at least once throughout the 365 days of the challenge – I love that idea! Some of the items in my wardrobe would be best left for a fancy dress party though….!

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