Daily Outfit {The Roaring 40s}

by kekiandglam8588

Apologies in advance….please excuse the excessive shadows!

Wearing: white leopard print dress – vintage thrifted; red heels – gifted; necklaces – gold multi-chain is vintage, pink/gold baubles is from Equip; belt – Wild Pair; cuff – Bling.

I wore this to work yesterday then out to the movies. I think I was channeling some 1940s glamour – I kept getting visions in my head of running after a train which was leaving for war with my soldier man aboard it! {Very vivid imagination….}

I saw War Horse at the movies last night with my family and boyfriend. Mum chose the movie thinking my sister and I would enjoy it – being horsey girls and all. But ….. it was horrific! A beautiful horse and beautiful story but just so traumatic – at one point I got up to leave the cinema because I just couldn’t enjoy watching the film! I don’t know about you, but I go to the movies to be entertained and to have a good laugh but last night I just cried the whole way through. Needless to say I had to completely fix my makeup before dinner, which was amazing by the way. The dinner, not my makeup fixing.

My sister snapped these photos – pre-movie in case you couldn’t tell! – but the lighting is just not right but this outfit. It was bright and sunny, whereas I think to really justify such a vintage dress, softer dim lighting would have been much better. I am squinting in half of these pics and the shadows are terrible. Nevertheless, I will re-style this outfit and shoot it again sometime. I’m just pleased I got a chance to wear this dress and my special red heels which look perfect with it!