Inspiration {Funny Days and Silly Ways}

by kekiandglam8588

Sorry for the hiatus, my lovelies. To be honest, this week I have been stuck in a little bit of a slump. When in a slump, I lose motivation… The more motivation I lose, the harder it is to drum it back up, and along with it goes all of my inspiration.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of these people who really beats myself up when I can’t find motivation or  inspiration {or both!}. I get annoyed at myself and the slump gets deeper and deeper. Today I nearly cried just because I was stuck in traffic. Was it hurting me? No. Was it having a life-changing effect on me? No. I was just grumpy and frustrated and didn’t know what else to do. But, I digress.

Although I have worn some pretty blog-worthy outfits this week, the motivation to touch up my makeup and head outside for some photos just hasn’t been there! Not to mention I have felt a little frustrated about this whole 365 Fashion Challenge situation. It seems like I am going to end up wearing the same thing over and over, and I’m worried about this making some pretty darn boring blogging!

Anyway, before I ramble on any further, here’s some gorgeous images which are guaranteed to bring me – and anyone else – out of this slump!



A Balmain tutu …. why not?

A look I have loved since I saw it years ago….

An experimental eye makeup look I’d love to try ASAP…..

Adventure. Ernest Hemingway and pals….

Footloose and fancy free…..

I think it’s time I started a dream board….

Usually when I need some inspiration {and motivation} I hop online and check out what other bloggers are up to. Seeing B. Jones style up a new outfit out of items she has thrifted, or Taylor from Sterling Style talk about what she is up to this week at the Glitter Guide, instantly spurs me into a proactive mood. These ladies are living the life I dream of and I know that if I put my mind to it, I too can achieve the wonderful things that they have. Unfortunately though, sifting through masses of amazing fashion blogs can also have the opposite effect. Seeing skinny, beautiful, modelesque girls posing in designer threads makes me think “Oh gosh, I don’t even know where I would buy Alexander Wang in New Zealand even if I could afford to wear it!” Then there’s the bloggers who wear outfits made up of  “c/o” everything, i.e. everything they have on has been gifted from a PR or brand or shop. I found one blog yesterday {which shall go un-named} and every single outfit in every single post was completely “c/o”!

Look, I’m not complaining. I definitely do not write my blog in the hope of becoming some sort of model {I’m 5’2″ for starters!!}, nor do I write it to get recognition or to receive fabulous gifts from designers and PR’s. I write it to get fulfillment and joy and happiness from the fact that I am doing something I love. So when I hit a slump or a rut or a grey patch, bear with me, I’m just stepping away for a moment to get a breather and to remember why I am writing my blog and putting lots of my time and effort into it.

The same applies to The 365 Fashion Challenge. It is frustrating not being able to spend like crazy, refresh my look and buy new things that I would love to wear, but I set the goal and will stick to it – for myself, if nothing else.

Well, that’s my little rant for the day! A little meaningless really, but some thoughts nonetheless. Do share, what is your trick for getting out of a motivation-less / inspiration-less slump? What are your thoughts on fashion blogs and blogging? What do you think sets a great blog apart from a not-so-great one? What are your thoughts on bloggers wearing a whole outfit of “c/o” items? Don’t be shy, I love reading your comments! Xx