Inspiration {Monday}

by kekiandglam8588

Right, it’s Monday! Time to get the creative juices flowing! Here are my top inspirations for the week ahead:

Knitwear for Autumn/Winter. Particularly bright knits….

Remember, Valentines Day is tomorrow. These would make cute last minute handmade cards….

Leather-look leggings and leopard-print jeans are on my watch list….

Loving my new ‘do’ which is an Alexa Chung inspired ‘rock n roll bob’ with ombre ends and messy curls….

A look I would love to try while the sun is shining….

Finding a reason to celebrate with a cold glass of bubbles…. just ‘coz!

I started making a folder full of images from all over cyberspace, to use in this here post. I had to stop when I hit 40 … would you guys really want to read a post of 40 images?! It would take up one whole page on this blog! I mean, I would gladly do it, but to keep things fresh I think I’ll just stick with these pics for now.

Let’s talk about statement pants {or trousers for any British readers!} ….

Leather/leather-look leggings and leopard-print jeans are two trends that are often rendered by us mere mortals as being in the “too hard basket” when it comes to daily dressing. But, my dears, this needn’t be the case! Search for either of these statement looks on the internet and you will come across a plethora of images of teeny tiny skinny models who are all at least 6′ tall and have legs the size of one of my arms. They all look gorgeous of course, but it’s hardly inspiration to try the trend for yourself when you look down at your own legs and see two short stumpy cankles attached to a 5’2 body with lumps, bumps and wobbly bits. Never fear, I have the answer. I took a trip to a store in my Friday lunch break last week and faced my fears. I tried on both leather-look leggings and leopard-print jeans …. with success!

Here’s the secret. If – like me – you have short, stumpy, slightly out of shape legs and funny proportions {I’m talking size 6 top with size 8 arms and size 8 waist with  size 10 thighs} then opt for a half size bigger than you would usually go. Or even a full size if halves aren’t available. For example: size 8 leather-look leggings were tight and stretched around my thighs. I could see every dimple, every movement when I walked. With a tunic top covering my bum and most of my thighs they would have been wearable but I just didn’t feel….comfortable. So I tried a size 10. Although slightly looser in the waist {but I’m not complaining if it means I can squeeze in dessert without unbuttoning my fly …. c’mon, we all do it!} the fit was stretchier and far more comfortable than my regular size. The leggings wrinkled in places but this made them look more leathery, like the second leather legging image featured above.

I tried on leopard-print jeans in a 9. Although the fit was a skinny jean, wearing a half size too big gave the illusion that they were in fact a cigarette-leg fit instead. Instead of gathering tightly around my knees, they form one straight line from waist to ankle and actually flatter my legs – something you would never expect such a loud print to do.

So, before you write off printed jeans and the leathery look, give them a go in a size bigger than you usually would. These two trends are set to be huge this Autumn and Winter but why let those 6′ tall, size 6 skinny mins have all the fun? Leopard print jeans are just as functional as blue or black, and leather-look leggings can be dressed up or down with a tunic, oversized tee or a glam dress and are the perfect alternative to stockings or knit tights.

I guess the moral of my story is – don’t ever be afraid to try something different that you have seen on someone else and absolutely love. Style it up a little different, try a size a little bigger, wear heels instead of flats, or flats instead of heels. Don’t let your fashion fears trap you in a boring, dark, same old-same old wardrobe while other people are having all the fun.

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