How To {Host A Tea Party}

by kekiandglam8588

Hosting a tea party is an affordable alternative when you can’t quite throw the lavish dinner party that you dream of. A tea party turns a stock standard get-together with your girls that tiny bit sweeter, and is easy to organise and host. I regularly have my ladies over for afternoon tea parties, and just last weekend my sister and I hosted a Mother’s Day tea party for our mum. Just to get you inspired, here’s some tips and ideas:

Tea Party Essentials…..

* Cute cups and saucers are essential tea party items, but before you go and splash out on the finest China scour department store sales and your local thrift store first. Often you can pick up hardly-used cups, saucers, jugs and crystal glasses.

* Mismatching is even cuter. A table full of mismatching cups and saucers has a girly, vintage effect. Clash colours, patterns, shapes and sizes for a chic take on the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

* A cake stand – or cupcake stand – is a must have for any tea party. A vintage-style one is best, or a glass one if you find one.

* A lace tablecloth. Or any sweet tablecloth really. Just adds a finishing touch.

* Vintage jars or crystal bowls. These are perfect for serving sweet treats in, or as servers for your tea and sugar.

The Eats……. 

* No tea party would be complete without a selection of different teas. I usually serve regular tea and two herbal varieties, as well as a good quality hot chocolate and freshly ground plunger coffee.

* No need to go overboard with the food – it is a tea party after all – it’s like you’re guests would have eaten beforehand or will be eating shortly afterwards, particularly if it’s afternoon tea.

* A mixture of sweets and savouries will keep your guests happy. I usually do cupcakes, and scones with jam; or cupcakes and cookies; and then sausage rolls or a cheese board to make up the savoury component.

* Make food that is easy to grab and eat. A tea party is more about lounging around, chatting, than it is about sitting at a table and eating a formal meal.

* A refreshing cold drink is also a must. There are plenty of recipes for non-alcoholic punch or iced tea. If all else fails just serve a pitcher of chilled water with slices of lime and orange; or lemon and mint sprigs.

Tea Party Ideas…..

*Vintage themes seem to come naturally to me, so any tea party at my house is likely to be sprinkled with a good dose of vintage chic.

* Not into vintage? Pick a theme or colour and run with it. Stripes, polka dots, pastels all work well for a cute tea party.

* How about a tea party themed around an event or particular time of the year? For Valentines Day you could go all out with PINK! Pink cupcakes, pink iced biscuits, pink cups and saucers, pink tea and pink decorations. Don’t forget all things heart-shaped as well!

* Mad Hatters Tea Party! Let you imagine run wild and take inspiration from Alice’s magical tea party in Wonderland.

* Take it outdoors. If the weather allows, pick a cute spot outside and either set up a table or a picnic rug and have your tea party al fresco!