Write something …. anything!

by kekiandglam8588

“I firmly live by the motto that life is mostly what we make it. For me, a life well lived means pursuing BIG dreams and placing an emphasis on daily small pleasures along the way. It saddens me greatly to hear people say “I always wanted to do X but never got around to it…..” or “You’re so lucky to do that! I wish I didn’t have X holding me back so I could too.” So I say, stop dreaming and start doing.” – Briony Whitehouse {blogger @ A girl, A Style}

There I go, getting stuck in the age old blogging trap of “I don’t have any outfits or fashion-related things to post about right now … So I just won’t post at all”. HUGE. MISTAKE. And a terribly lazy and unmotivated way of thinking.

She who dreams of writing for the biggest, glossiest magazines of them all and  having my own columns across all various array of medias …. And I don’t even make the effort to write – really write – for my own personal blog.

Well, times they are a-changing. This blog and my readers – and me! – deserve more than an empty blog or the same content that’s been sitting here for over a week, so I have decided to incorporate more of my actual writing and thoughts into Keki and Glam. After all, I am a writer and have more to offer the world than photographs of my clothes!

Right, so now this little note-to-self is out of the way and down on paper, I’ll get on with blogging shall I?


Images all from Pinterest.