Daily Outfits {Weekend Adventurer}

by kekiandglam8588

Neil and I took a little trip to Raglan recently – a small beachside town a couple of hours south of where we live, on the West Coast. The beaches there are wild and untamed; the waves full of surfers battling the chilly winter temperatures; and the locals friendly and laid back. Raglan is known for it’s eco-loving, organic-food-producing, quasi-hippie community which gives it a unique ‘earthy’ vibe. I’ll chat more about Raglan, and where we stayed, in a separate post…

This is what I wore on the Sunday that we were down there. We had a delicious breakfast in town then started slowly driving home, stopping at the Bridal Veil Falls on the way.

Wearing: parka – Volcom; leopard pint blouse – Cotton On; smock – Supre; pleather leggings – The Warehouse; boots – Number One Shoes.

The latest fashion blogger in town!

By the way – those Ugg boots are courtesy of EMU Australia and I cannot recommend them enough! They are actually mine, but I am a nice girlfriend who lets Neil wear them from time to time. I have always been anti-Uggs but that was before I slipped these puppies onto my freezing cold feet. They are insanely warm and toasty, they never get too hot {or worse – sweaty and smelly!}, the inner sole is washable and they are completely water resistant!