Daily Outfits {Simple 70s Style}

by kekiandglam8588

Went and had lunch with my mum today and this is what I wore! Casual Friday at work so nothing too ‘out there’ ….. although when I spied not one, not two, but three separate groups of girls wearing almost identical outfits and hopping into identical cars {!!!} I was certainly glad to be wearing something a little bright, a little furry, a little vintage and a little, well, different.

I don’t dress a certain way to stand out or get stared at {and the stares do come when you are wearing a fur collar and 7-inch platform boots in Takapuna}, I do it because these are the clothes I love and these are the items I like wearing together. I love the stuff that is on-trend, but I just like this old stuff a little better 🙂

Wearing: 80’s gold earrings – vintage; FAUX fur collar – Kmart; yellow knit – Jay Jays; flared jeans – Miss Who @ Glassons; black platform boots – Sole Princess @ Wild Pair.