hibernation is over for another winter

by kekiandglam8588

well i sure do feel like i have been in hibernation when it comes to blogging. i haven’t really blogged all winter, and now spring is almost over and summer is just three weeks away! in other words – there’s no better time than now to get on with blogging and updating and posting all things Keki and Glam.

here’s a few things that have happened since i last blogged, way back in JULY!!

  • i turned 27. so far, so good but i do believe the best is yet to come. this coming year is full of exciting prospects, journeys to new places and who knows what else!
  • neil turned 28. he pretty much still doesn’t look a day over 21!
  • i went from platinum blonde to the ‘ombre’ trend. i’ve really enjoyed it, but you know me ….. change is in the air!
  • i hosted a fun, girls-only party at my house complete with photo wall/booth, cocktails in mason jars and wild, wild dancing….! (you know who you are….!)
  • i’ve had visits from old friends from all over the globe including megan from the USA, denise who i met in the UK but now lives in mount maunganui (couple hours south of me) and next week i’ll be seeing mel who i grew up with and now lives in Wales!
  • my parents have moved out of our family home and into a rental in the ‘burbs whilst their new house is being built – we had an “exciting” three or four weekends of moving but it’s finally all done now!
  • i quit wearing heels on week days!!!!!! yes, it’s true. the office i work in has a very casual dress code, there is no need to wear corporate outfits and super high heels, so i save mine for weekends only.
  • i have completely changed my diet and lifestyle to include super healthy foods, minimal treats and …. exercise! so far, so good and i am looking at upping the anti to get some extra results before summer. i take horseriding lessons once a week, i try to run, cycle and also take a boxing class one night a week. i also tried bikram yoga ….. interesting!
  • neil and i have an incredibly exciting overseas trip booked for christmas/new years. one word – THAILAND. i am beyond excited!

i’m sure a whole heap of other things have happened over the past couple of months but looking ahead, the future is BRIGHT! summer is almost here, my thailand trip is just over a month away, i have weekends filled with friend’s birthday celebrations and there is loads of travel and summer planning to be done! not to mention Miss Glam is on her way over here at the start of the new year and of course, there’s no need to explain how excited i am for that!

here’s to a Keki and Glam summer, and – hopefully – some exciting new blog posts just around the corner!