a photo an hour {or thereabouts}

by kekiandglam8588

ok, ok so i might have stolen this idea from one of my favourite blogs – Bleubird Vintage – but  thought it was quite a cute idea and decided to give it a go. the idea is pretty self explanatory – one photo an hour for 12 hours. i didn’t quite achieve one an hour – i was having a pretty boring day so there wasn’t much changing scenery to capture! i feel it would work better on a weekend day….. nevertheless, i give you – one photo and hour {or thereabouts}:

7am – coffee in my personalized mug (thanks anna!)

7.30am – morning light in my little kitchen

Somewhere between 7.30 and 8am – my little hair station in our spare bedroom

10am – messy desk = hard at work! inspirational quotes, the essentials and a hearty breakfast

3pm – the only way i get the boring stuff done!

5pm – i came home to discover a plant i had neglected and left for dead, had sprung back to life thanks to the spring sunshine!

7pm – dinner and iced tea on the beach, a perfect end to the day!

i might make this a regular feature, especially on days when i have a few more fun things to do – other than just going to work!!

hope you enjoyed!