why being Wonder Woman is hard work

by kekiandglam8588

this week has been, well, one of those weeks. one of those weeks. it’s been fine, nothing drastic has happened, nothing major or out of the ordinary … BUT … nothing has gone particularly swimmingly, if you will.

before you cut me off and close this tab, hear me out. hear me out especially if you are a 20-something female. actually, here me out especially if you are a female of any age, race or religion.

because i’m gonna discuss why being Wonder Woman is damn hard work, even at the best of times.


she’d agree with me!

this week has been a torrent of things not going as well as they should.

it started on monday morning when i received an email from the accommodation booking website that i’d used to book one of our hotels (one of seven!) in Thailand. despite the fact that we’d paid the full amount of our stay to the hotel, they’d discovered that actually they were fully booked and could not accept our booking and would refund us our money, but first might they recommend another hotel for us to stay at. i checked out said “recommended” hotel only to find a torrent (love that word) of TERRIBLE reviews from previous guests, a rating of ‘one star’ and the fact that the electricity is only on for a couple of hours each night. that would have been fine had the original hotel we booked not been a 4.5 star beautiful resort with swimming pools and a bar and a one-minute walk to the beach. a refund was arranged, and FINALLY (after hours of review-reading, price-comparing, umm-ing and ahh-ing) i managed to locate a new, half-decent-looking bungalow for us to stay in. disaster avoided….. or was it?

next up i needed to book a train to take us overnight from Bangkok to the small village of Chumpon from which we would catch a ferry to the island of Ko Tao. feeling like a true Thailand-backpacker for getting our accommodation all booked, i entered the time/date of the train i wanted and …… it was fully booked. ok, not to worry, i started looking at alternatives and soon found a day time express train. voila! ok, we wouldn’t be able to sleep the whole way down to the south of Thailand but instead we could marvel at the scenery and arrive in Chumpon mid-afternoon, ready for a night on the beautiful island of Ko Tao. credit card details in, train booked and paid for then …. hang on, no, it can’t be …. the last ferry leaves an hour BEFORE our train arrives. what the ….. ? ok, don’t panic there must be another one. yep, at 11pm that night. two weary travellers experiencing South East Asia for the first time, desperate to get to their first island and having to wait around in a small village for 8 hours? i don’t think so. SO looks like we are staying in Chumpon for the night. i booked us a nice villa and called it good, we’ll catch the first ferry out to Ko Tao the following morning.

so finally Thailand was all sorted and it was looking like i could relax before my big weekend which – trust me – was a very good thing considering neil and i were registered to ride in an 8Okm cycle race this saturday. despite knowing how hard the ride would be i was excited at the prospect of achieving something which in my books, was a huge goal. then on tuesday, neil called me at work. with bad news. the accommodation booking website we’d used to booked a hotel room for two nights for the duration of the cycle race had emailed him to tell him that they too had overbooked us for the weekend. (i should add – this is a different website to the one we used for our Thailand accommodation). they too had suggested another hotel to stay at …. only this one was a considerable amount more per night. we quickly added up what we would potentially be spending over the course of the weekend. it was A LOT. with Thailand just four weeks away, spending so much couldn’t be justified. so we accepted a refund from the hotel we thought we’d booked, and consequently pulled out of the race.

i was feeling upset knowing that i wouldn’t be achieving my long-planned goal, and a few other things had made me feel a bit emotional that same day but i tried to push that aside as i left work in the afternoon to go and get my Hep A and Typhoid shots in preparation for Thailand. as i was driving to the doctor’s clinic i had a freak out. i quickly pulled off the main road and into a little rural lane and texted neil to declare i simply couldn’t go through with getting needles stabbed into my arm and then promptly burst out crying. yes, this happened. and yes, i am 27 years old.

as you can see, none of these things are all that major or life threatening (well, potentially if i don’t go and get my jabs …. but i am, i am, i’ll go next week), but they added to a list of other niggly little things that occurred (or didn’t occur) throughout the week such as:

   – not eating as healthily as i should have

– not exercising as much as i should be

– not saving as much moolah as i should be

– staying up too late on school nights

– eating take out instead of cooking

– not keeping on top of my ever-growing pile of laundry

– not sorting out various bills and emails that require attention

– drinking far too much coffee and not keeping up with my teeth-whitening treatments

– not cleaning the fish tank …. or putting clothes away ….. or tidying up in general

here’s the thing though right: as women we are always, always trying to be wonderful. we want to accomplish as much as possible all the time – usually whilst wearing sky high heels and a cute dress too!

but sometimes, sometimes you just gotta let it go, realise that it can’t always all be done, all at once. take a breather and quit feeling guilty because your bathroom’s a mess and your eating pizza for dinner instead of brown rice and steamed veggies.

this week has passed me by like a whirlwind of plans-being-made, plans-to-be-made and well, plans-being-promptly-unmade. to be honest there hasn’t been much i’ve been able to do about any of it, except take a deep breath and move on; try my best to rectify whatever it is that hasn’t worked out, and keep a smile on my dial even in moments where i have wanted to throw my computer out the window and/or punch something or someone (in the arm, softly, i promise).

i’m never gonna come close to being Wonder Woman (for starters i don’t have the boobs for the costume …. or the hair, come to think of it) and my life might always be a whirlwind of half-made / un-made / to-be-made plans. and unanswered emails. but that’s ok. repeat after me – THAT. IS. OK. being Wonder Woman might just be overrated anyhow!

i quite enjoy my whirlwind of a life.

the reason i posted this was because  (according to my Facebook home page) there’s a fair few of you Wonder-Woman-wannabes out there – it’s not just me – and i wanted to remind you all that it’s ok if not everything goes the way it should each day, or week, or month, or even year. And it’s more than ok, when things get too whirlwind-y, to say “ahh well….”, get changed into your comfy pants, pour yourself a wine and blob out on the couch for a night reading fashion blogs or watching ‘shark vs. dog’ videos on YouTube.

which is exactly what i am gonna do tonight.
no Wonder Women allowed.