that time i turned 27

by kekiandglam8588

my 27th birthday celebrations were awhile ago now, but i thought i’d do a quick post about it now anyway because a] i have only JUST taken outfit photos today and am yet to edit them and upload them so they could be awhile away yet and b] because my party ideas might inspire some of your own and so what’s the harm in that!

i didn’t have a theme party per se, but i did make it a ‘girls only’ bash with the intention of having all my girlfriends come to my house and let their hair down, drink punch out of jam jars and dance up a storm, that sort of thing. everyone brought a plate which i would highly recommend, especially if you are like me and on a budget and/or lose your paitence quickly with fiddly finger food. i did all the decorations myself with the help of an incredible team of friends who showed up early and let me delegate decoration-putting-up jobs to them without hesitation. i cannot thank them enough for that – if it weren’t for them the party would have been two hours in and i still wouldn’t have been completely ready. it really did take a load off.

anyways, heres some pics to tide the blog over until i can get my outfit photos up – hopefully asap!

i created a very basic photo booth from an idea i saw on Pinterest [of course] … i didn’t have the budget to actually make a cardboard or wooden backdrop so i made a ‘streamers wall’ and just set up a chair with various dress up stuff in a box e.g. animal masks, silly glasses, leis, etc. i used ‘blackboards’ – made from empty photo frames and blackboard paint – as signs to point my guests in the right direction for food, drinks and photos.

the food was all easy-to-grab yet delicious [and i tried to keep it semi-healthy where i could!] – we had white-choc-dipped-strawberries, fruit and marshamallow kebabs, cherry tomatoes w/ feta and basil on skewers, heart-shaped watermelon cubes and pretzels to name a few!

quite a few of my friends couldn’t make it due to living in different cities/countries, so i tried to “include” them by stringing up photos around the main party area. other decorations included lanterns, fairy lights and balloons hanging from strings on the ceiling [rather than expensive helium balloons].

my team of lovely ladies! yes, i am truly blessed to know so many beautiful, genuine, lovely girls – they are all so gorgeous, on the inside and out!

photo-boothing it with my Anna from Sweet Harlow!

what i wore: feather/skull/spear necklace from Sweet Harlow Boutique; leather panelled dress by Bardot @ Myer Basement [Melbourne – highly recommend this store!]; teal ankle booties from Style Tread.

outfit photos soon i promise!