What To Wear: Christmas Day #1

by kekiandglam8588

Glam Rock Christmas
This is what I call a Glam Rock Christmas look!
Most Christmas occasions call for a demure look, but if you’re like me you won’t want to look too “pretty”. This dress is all kinds of feminine and girly, and is in keeping with the traditional Christmas look thanks to it’s scarlet hue.
Compliment [or not] the girly dress with some rockin’ statement heels – these ones might scare your grandparents, but it’ll be worth it!
Keep jewellery and accessories to a minimum with matching gold cuffs and a black and gold chunky necklace.
Swipe on some red hot lippy and bat your Christmas lashes with bold falsies and the blackest mascara.
You’ll note I haven’t added a warm layer …. Well that’s because here in NZ it’s summer when we celebrate Christmas! The typical Christmas Day is spent outside in the sun, around the pool, at the beach or on the balcony. No need for winter layers ’round here!
This look can be winterized easily though: I’d just add a black fur and black stockings!