watch this space…..

by kekiandglam8588


yes, yes it is!

especially when it comes to blogging!

please bear with me, i am in the process of potentially starting a new blog. a little less fashion-y, a little more inspirational and life-y in general. as time goes on and situations change, new and interesting things inspire me and i find that it is no longer dresses, heels and bags that are holding my attention and making me excited about life. SO i will dedicate my NEW & EXCITING blog to the things which i am currently loving, thinking about and doing.

i hope you’ll follow me over to my new site and continue to support my work the way you have with Keki and Glam. keep watching this space, for i am yet to launch the new blog but as soon as i do details will be available here.

the future really IS exciting, and this year alone is going to be a crazy ride.

Photo is my own. Feel free to use it and credit me where possible. Thanks!