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i am currently available to take on freelance, contract, part-time or full-time permanent work involving writing, styling, public relations, digital media coordination and social media campaigns.

i have a wealth of knowledge and experience which i can bring to any project. i also have a passion for fashion and beauty and have successfully combined this with my love of writing. i am an ideas person with a creative brain and a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation. let me apply my ideas and excitement to your project and together we’ll create a masterpiece!

as well as perfecting the art of traditional feature writing for magazines, i have been able to develop skills in the area of digital and social media and in turn this has become something which i am also very passionate about. social media is no longer something to be scoffed at and it’s certainly not something solely dedicated to “the youth of today”. it’s a big, lively beast of a thing that needs to be tackled – i believe – by all manner of businesses, large and small. if the intricate world of social/digital media is something which baffles you, let me put in the hard yards and do it for you. i can get you set up, monitor your Facebook and Twitter pages and show you the ropes, so that you feel confident going it alone.

it might seem like i spend a lot of my time sitting in front of a computer screen, writing and social media-ing [and no, that’s not a word. yes, i did just make it up], but the truth is i have another skill to add to the mix and this one is a little more ‘hands on’. fashion styling is something which comes very naturally to me. although i often find it hard to dress myself in the mornings [too many dresses, too little time] i thrive off putting outfits together, helping others purge their wardrobes of hideous impulse buys and styling my friends and family for important events. oh, and i’m also a dab hand at visual merchandising. if you need an honest opinion regarding an outfit for a formal/special event; some help ridding your closet of the things you no longer dare to wear; or someone to hold your hand on your next shopping trip, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and find out what i can do for you.

don’t let my passion for all things fashion and beauty put you off: my previous experiences have seen me writing about all manner of different things – from motor caravans and farming equipment, to workout gear and mountain bikes. i may not know much about your particular industry, but i’ll go out of my way to find out as much as i possibly can and translate your ideas and technical talk into plain English.

that’s enough from me, the rest is up to you. drop me a line or give me a call and let’s discuss your requirements, combine them with my ideas and make some magic!

E | kerrie.felton@gmail.com

P | +64 22 422 5394

A | 42 Elliston Crescent, Stanmore Bay, Auckland 0932

T | @KerrieFelton

F | http://www.facebook.com/kerriefeltonNZ