Keki and Glam

a photo an hour {or thereabouts}

ok, ok so i might have stolen this idea from one of my favourite blogs – Bleubird Vintage – but  thought it was quite a cute idea and decided to give it a go. the idea is pretty self explanatory – one photo an hour for 12 hours. i didn’t quite achieve one an hour – i was having a pretty boring day so there wasn’t much changing scenery to capture! i feel it would work better on a weekend day….. nevertheless, i give you – one photo and hour {or thereabouts}:

7am – coffee in my personalized mug (thanks anna!)

7.30am – morning light in my little kitchen

Somewhere between 7.30 and 8am – my little hair station in our spare bedroom

10am – messy desk = hard at work! inspirational quotes, the essentials and a hearty breakfast

3pm – the only way i get the boring stuff done!

5pm – i came home to discover a plant i had neglected and left for dead, had sprung back to life thanks to the spring sunshine!

7pm – dinner and iced tea on the beach, a perfect end to the day!

i might make this a regular feature, especially on days when i have a few more fun things to do – other than just going to work!!

hope you enjoyed!



hibernation is over for another winter

well i sure do feel like i have been in hibernation when it comes to blogging. i haven’t really blogged all winter, and now spring is almost over and summer is just three weeks away! in other words – there’s no better time than now to get on with blogging and updating and posting all things Keki and Glam.

here’s a few things that have happened since i last blogged, way back in JULY!!

  • i turned 27. so far, so good but i do believe the best is yet to come. this coming year is full of exciting prospects, journeys to new places and who knows what else!
  • neil turned 28. he pretty much still doesn’t look a day over 21!
  • i went from platinum blonde to the ‘ombre’ trend. i’ve really enjoyed it, but you know me ….. change is in the air!
  • i hosted a fun, girls-only party at my house complete with photo wall/booth, cocktails in mason jars and wild, wild dancing….! (you know who you are….!)
  • i’ve had visits from old friends from all over the globe including megan from the USA, denise who i met in the UK but now lives in mount maunganui (couple hours south of me) and next week i’ll be seeing mel who i grew up with and now lives in Wales!
  • my parents have moved out of our family home and into a rental in the ‘burbs whilst their new house is being built – we had an “exciting” three or four weekends of moving but it’s finally all done now!
  • i quit wearing heels on week days!!!!!! yes, it’s true. the office i work in has a very casual dress code, there is no need to wear corporate outfits and super high heels, so i save mine for weekends only.
  • i have completely changed my diet and lifestyle to include super healthy foods, minimal treats and …. exercise! so far, so good and i am looking at upping the anti to get some extra results before summer. i take horseriding lessons once a week, i try to run, cycle and also take a boxing class one night a week. i also tried bikram yoga ….. interesting!
  • neil and i have an incredibly exciting overseas trip booked for christmas/new years. one word – THAILAND. i am beyond excited!

i’m sure a whole heap of other things have happened over the past couple of months but looking ahead, the future is BRIGHT! summer is almost here, my thailand trip is just over a month away, i have weekends filled with friend’s birthday celebrations and there is loads of travel and summer planning to be done! not to mention Miss Glam is on her way over here at the start of the new year and of course, there’s no need to explain how excited i am for that!

here’s to a Keki and Glam summer, and – hopefully – some exciting new blog posts just around the corner!


Daily Outfits {Styled By Sienna}

Just this weekend I re-discovered my love for one of my long standing style crushes – Sienna Miller – and used her as inspiration for this stormy Saturday ensemble.

I haven’t felt particularly bothered by fashion and trends lately….I’ve had bigger things on my plate  and am desperately saving money for a holiday so buying the latest ‘must have’ items hasn’t really been on my agenda. Instead I’m craving a more laid back, relaxed, boho-inspired ‘look’ and to be honest I find it easiest to dress this way.

I 110% admire and adore the chic, elegant style of ladies like Karla Deras {of Karlas Closet} and the kooky, Gaga-esque looks of Macademian Girl  but I’ve come to realise that my own personal style is a more relaxed, Cali-girl, boho-yet-girly one and I find it completely satisfying to dress this way.

Wearing: beanie – Cotton On; tee – Kmart; pleather hooded vest {underneath blazer} – Forever 21; blazer – Jay Jays; jeans – Jay Jays; jewellery – gifted, Pandora, Equip, YSL. 

Daily Outfits {Neon Leopard}

Wore this simple outfit out for drinks and dinner with friends recently…. The fur jacket, neon sweater, leather-look leggings and black boots have become winter wardrobe staples. Super easy to wear and above all – warm!

Faux fur – thrifted vintage; neon knit – Topshop; leather-look leggings – The Warehouse; black platform boots – Wild Pair. 

Daily Outfits {Boyfriends and Vintage}

Wearing: boyfriend jeans – thrifted; nautical-striped belt – vintage thrifted; white linen shirt – thrifted; tailored beige blazer {cinches in really tight with a peplum detail around the bottom…I love!} – vintage; faux fur collar – Kmart; cream platform heels – Kmart; jewellery – vintage, YSL and Equip; clutch – Glassons. 

Excuse the squinting, I was facing right into the sun! Went vintage shopping with my mum this morning which was fun! My friend Aliesha is having a pop-up store vintage sale …. so if anyone is in the Auckland area you should definitely check it out!!! Have a look on Facebook, here. There is so much amazing stuff there, I could have gone wild! But mum and I limited ourselves to one item each – and both ended buying something red!

Doesn’t 110% work with the shirt and belt I am wearing but I can definitely see myself styling this blazer into loads of future outfits! The embroidery and detailing on it is exquisite and it fits perfectly especially when it is buttoned up. It was super hard only choosing one item – I was in love with everything!!!!!

Daily Outfits {Simple 70s Style}

Went and had lunch with my mum today and this is what I wore! Casual Friday at work so nothing too ‘out there’ ….. although when I spied not one, not two, but three separate groups of girls wearing almost identical outfits and hopping into identical cars {!!!} I was certainly glad to be wearing something a little bright, a little furry, a little vintage and a little, well, different.

I don’t dress a certain way to stand out or get stared at {and the stares do come when you are wearing a fur collar and 7-inch platform boots in Takapuna}, I do it because these are the clothes I love and these are the items I like wearing together. I love the stuff that is on-trend, but I just like this old stuff a little better 🙂

Wearing: 80’s gold earrings – vintage; FAUX fur collar – Kmart; yellow knit – Jay Jays; flared jeans – Miss Who @ Glassons; black platform boots – Sole Princess @ Wild Pair. 

Daily Outfits {Friday Night Date}

Went out for a delicious Japanese date night on Friday with my gorgeous Neil. I wanted to wear something cute despite the freezing cold weather, so I added stockings and a warm blazer to this summery dress. Clashing florals and zebra print? Yeah, why not?!

Blazer – Dotti; dress – Valley Girl; stockings – DKNY; zebra heels – a little shop in Iowa, USA!; necklace – Equip

Until yesterday, my shoes were in a pile on the bedroom floor {oops!} but I got my hands on this shelving unit and did some serious shoe organisation! Just had to share…..

Daily Outfits {Autumn Leaves}

Just a quick post because I missed out posting this outfit last weekend. Wore this on our Saturday night out for dinner in Raglan – warm and cozy was the go!

Yellow jersey – Jay Jays; denim shirt – thrifted vintage; dress {as skirt} – Valley Girl; stockings DKNY; boots – Number One Shoes. 

Travel {Raglan}

Raglan – for those who don’t know – is a beachside town in the Waikato region of New Zealand. It is home to one of the best surfing spots in New Zealand – and the world – and is one of my favourite places to visit. The vibe is laid back and local, the community is arty and Eco-friendly and I like that it feels like you’re a world away from anything when you’re there. The actual beach is wild and rugged and is not particularly ideal for swimming, but the dramatic stretch of black sand makes for a stunning vista and a great place to take a stroll and breathe in the fresh West Coast air.

We stayed at Solscape – an Eco-retreat high on a hill overlooking the ocean and one of the main surf spots. I hate to say it, but I probably have a carbon footprint the size of Boeing 747 …. so Eco and me? We’re not really very well acquainted. Needless to say I have certainly never stayed at an Eco-retreat and was nervous to think what might await us. Don’t get me wrong – I’m no stranger to using a “longdrop” toilet or campsite facilities, but in this instance I was imagining a congregation of hippies awaiting our arrival then forcing us to do pottery classes and eat tofu. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Solscape is a quiet, peaceful retreat with million-dollar views and an incredible range of accommodation … including this:

We didn’t stayed in the earthen dome pictured above, although now that I have seen it I wouldn’t mind giving it a go! Instead, we spent the night in a cabin of sorts, made from un-treated, non-toxic timber and complete with a composting toilet {looks and acts just like a normal toilet though, rest assured} and a system of rubbish bins that took a little getting used to – recycling, scraps, regular rubbish, etc. It was super cosy and cute and my only wish now is that it was a hot, summer’s evening so that we could have eaten out dinner outside overlooking the ocean. Instead we made our way to Costa’s Pizza which was affordable and delicious, and is run by a lovely lady who was the perfect host.

Our cabin came equipped with fresh, organic coffee from the local Raglan Roast and after sipping back a cup of that in the morning, we headed back into town to The Shack for breakfast. Yet again, outstanding service and incredible food. Now THIS is my kind of place – white washed timber walls and retro signs, an old school surfboard hanging on the wall and comfy couches to chill out on. Bliss!

Can’t wait to get back to Solscape and Raglan again in the summer, a 10/10 weekend!!

Daily Outfits {Weekend Adventurer}

Neil and I took a little trip to Raglan recently – a small beachside town a couple of hours south of where we live, on the West Coast. The beaches there are wild and untamed; the waves full of surfers battling the chilly winter temperatures; and the locals friendly and laid back. Raglan is known for it’s eco-loving, organic-food-producing, quasi-hippie community which gives it a unique ‘earthy’ vibe. I’ll chat more about Raglan, and where we stayed, in a separate post…

This is what I wore on the Sunday that we were down there. We had a delicious breakfast in town then started slowly driving home, stopping at the Bridal Veil Falls on the way.

Wearing: parka – Volcom; leopard pint blouse – Cotton On; smock – Supre; pleather leggings – The Warehouse; boots – Number One Shoes.

The latest fashion blogger in town!

By the way – those Ugg boots are courtesy of EMU Australia and I cannot recommend them enough! They are actually mine, but I am a nice girlfriend who lets Neil wear them from time to time. I have always been anti-Uggs but that was before I slipped these puppies onto my freezing cold feet. They are insanely warm and toasty, they never get too hot {or worse – sweaty and smelly!}, the inner sole is washable and they are completely water resistant!