Take One {Little Black Dress}

by kekiandglam8588

{Add a bright crop top and some statement heels}

{Add accessories – I chose a tan belt, a bib necklace and a thick chain necklace}

{Add a simple black clutch and crisp white blazer}

{Polish off the look with sleek hair pulled across to one side, some bright lipstick and a little eye makeup}

{For a more structured look, cinch in the blazer and belt it}

I had a little light-bulb moment yesterday afternoon which has resulted in the creation of a new series on this here blog…..the Take One series. Throughout this series I will take one item of clothing – be it a pair of jeans, a coloured blazer, a pencil skirt, some patterned tights, anything! – and show you different and new ways of wearing it.

Being able to remix your wardrobe like this offers hundreds of possibilities to getting dressed each day. Something you thought you would never wear again {for me, this little black dress} might suddenly take on a new lease of life once you realise you could actually wear it with that new shirt and blazer you just bought. Remixing is going to be a key part of my survival in The 365 Fashion Challenge. I feel very ‘blah’ when I look at many of the older items in my closet, but now I am being forced to reinvent them and that, my friends, is exciting!

Take this little black dress for example: It’s cute, yes, but yawn…..so boring. The skirt part is quite sweet with its rounded detail and lacy hem but the top is very bland. Add this coral coloured crop top which I have only ever worn to the beach, and the dress takes on a brighter, more summery look. Adding statement heels and clashing accessories keeps things interesting, while the blazer pulls it all together.

This hairstyle is perfect for running from the office to an evening outing – simply part the top section of your hair and backcomb underneath it, smooth the top section back over the backcombed area and bobby pin it. Sweep the remaining hair to one side and instead of using a hair tie simply bobby pin the loose bits – this makes it look longer and more layered as it falls over one shoulder. To brighten up my face I simply slicked on a bright coral lipstick, dabbed some silver/white cream eyeshadow in the inside corners of my eye to liven them up, lined them with liquid eyeliner and added a good dose of mascara.